Welcome to Steel Spiral Stairs

We are a small family owned and operated business specializing in spiral stairs and curved railings. Operating from Bucks County Pennsylvania, the Steel family has been custom fabricating stairs and railings since the 1950′s, becoming STEEL SPIRAL STAIRS in 1975.

All of our stairs are custom made for your particular application. We do not manufacture the spiral stair “do-it-yourself kits” with the “genuine all plastic” handrails shipped to you in boxes.

A spiral stair kit is a collection of parts which you hopefully assemble into a stair. In our opinion, most kits are at the lower end of the scale of durability and quality. Components are of minimal weight and make extensive use of plastics. Often assembly is tedious and if not done very carefully can result in a rough product.

A typical stair by STEEL SPIRAL STAIRS is a one piece welded unit with wrought iron type steel hand rail, open frame steel treads for wood decking, custom built in our shop to your measurements. We have available many typical diameters and features. OR, because we manufacture one spiral stair at a time, it can be customized to your own specific tastes and needs.

We are not high pressure sales oriented so feel free to contact us with questions at any time. (see our Privacy Policy)

To our customers – old and new… We are in need of pictures. Please send pictures of your Steel Spiral Stairs products.